An explanation of how our fees at AVA work.

Our fees are similar to a Tuition fee. We have a set rate that we charge that enables us to budget for the whole season (coaches salaries, equipment, court rentals, etc.) Fees are paid up front in full. We do not prorate our fees except under certain circumstances (we review each case individually and always want to be fair). We may describe our rate by giving the average “per session” cost, but we only use this so parents are able to gauge the expense of the program.

So we do not encourage “drop in” sessions where students come and go as they please. For our programs we encourage students to commit to the full program. At AVA we aim to build character by instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability in our students. We let them find ways to learn to manage their time (between school and sport) which will help them throughout life.

We do not offer cash refunds (except under rare circumstances). We will give a credit towards a future AVA offering depending on the situation (e.g. severe injury or sickness with doctor’s note)